VOTE FOR ME! I'm a Finalist in Unbounce's Persuasive Landing Page Copywriting Contest

So guys - I'm kind of a big deal now.

Not because I've won anything, but because I've joined a coveted spot on the "people who have had their landing pages torn to smithereens by Oli Gardner" team.

Believe me: it's an honor.

As one of only 10 finalists in Unbounce's contest, I could potentially win a trip to the Call to Action Conference in Vancouver this September. I've never been to Vancouver, I pretty much drool over most marketing conferences, and I've been looking for any excuse to renew my passport.

The time is now, people. But I need your help (and all the votes you can throw my way). Just click the button below to completely ignore (I mean, check out) my competition before casting your vote for my landing page (#5):